§572B-6  Application for license for persons who wish to enter into a civil union; fee.  (a)  No license for a civil union may be issued by an agent until both applicants have appeared before the agent and applied for the license.  The application for the license shall be completed in its entirety, dated, signed, and sworn to by each applicant and shall state each applicant's full name, date of birth, birthplace, residence, social security number, whether single, widowed, or divorced, and whether the applicant is under the supervision or control of a conservator or guardian.  If the application is signed and sworn to by the applicants on different dates, the earlier date shall be deemed the date of the application.  The agent shall issue a copy of this chapter to any person applying for a license.

     (b)  The fee for a license to enter into a civil union shall be an amount equal to the amount prescribed in section 572-5, and all amounts collected pursuant to section 321-1(g) as application fees under this chapter shall be retained or remitted and apportioned in the same manner as prescribed in section 572-5. [L 2011, c 1, pt of §2; am L 2012, c 267, §8]