572B-5 Applicants for civil union; license required; limitations. (a) No persons may be joined in a civil union in this State unless both partners have:

(1) Met the requirements of section 572B-2;

(2) Complied with section 572B-6 and, if applicable, section 572B-7; and

(3) Been issued a license by an agent, which license shall bear the certification of the agent that the persons named therein have met the requirements of section 572B-2 and have complied with section 572B-6 and, if applicable, section 572B-7.

(b) The license, when certified by the agent, is sufficient authority for any person authorized to perform a civil union solemnization in this State to join the persons in a civil union; provided that the solemnization is performed not more than thirty days after the date of issuance. The license shall become void thirty days after issuance. [L 2011, c 1, pt of 2; am L 2012, c 267, 7]



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