Part I.  Requisites, Procedures


    572-1 Requisites of valid marriage contract

  572-1.5 Definition of marriage

  572-1.6 Repealed

  572-1.7 Continuity of rights; civil union and reciprocal

          beneficiary relationships

  572-1.8 Interpretation of terminology to be gender-neutral

  572-1.9 Reliance on federal law

    572-2 Consent of parent or guardian

    572-3 Contracted without the State

    572-4 Right of domicile, sex or marital status

    572-5 Marriage license; agent to grant; fee

    572-6 Application; license; limitations

   572-7, 8 Repealed

    572-9 Persons under age

   572-10 Applicant apparently under age

   572-11 Marriage ceremony; license to solemnize; fees

   572-12 By whom solemnized

 572-12.1 Refusal to solemnize a marriage

 572-12.2 Religious organizations; exemption under certain


   572-13 Record of solemnization; marriages, reported by whom;

          certified copies

 572-13.5 Revocation or suspension of licenses to solemnize

   572-14 Repealed

   572-15 Delivery of records to department of health; penalty

   572-16 Rules and regulations


        Part II.  Property Contracts, Debts, and Liabilities

   572-21 Presumption of separate property

   572-22 Contracts

   572-23 Not liable for spousal debts

   572-24 Spousal liabilities

   572-25 Separate property

   572-26 May be personal representative, guardian, trustee, or

          other fiduciary

   572-27 Persons as sureties

   572-28 Suits by and against

   572-29 Marriage settlement not invalidated




  Civil union or reciprocal beneficiary relationship in existence before December 2, 2013 not invalidated by L Sp 2013 2d, c 1.  L Sp 2013 2d, c 1, §11.


Cross References


  International matchmaking organizations, see chapter 489N.


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