[571-91] Definitions. As used in this part:

"Deploying parent" or "deployed parent" means a legal parent or a legal guardian of a child under the age of eighteen, who is deployed, will likely deploy within the next sixty days, or who has received written orders to deploy.

"Deployment" or "deployed" means military services performed in compliance with a valid order received by an active duty or reserve member of the armed forces of the United States or National Guard to report for combat operations, contingency operations, peacekeeping operations, temporary duty greater than sixty days, a remote tour of duty, or other active service for which the deploying parent reports unaccompanied by any family member.

"Military service" includes the period from which the deployed parent receives and is subject to deployment orders and the period in which the parent is awaiting travel or remains deployed because of sickness, wounds, leave, or other lawful cause.

"Other parent" means the legal parent or legal guardian other than the deploying parent. [L 2010, c 177, pt of 2]


Revision Note


Definitions rearranged pursuant to 23G-15.



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