571-12 Transfer from other courts. If, during the pendency of a criminal charge against a minor in another court, it is ascertained that the minor was less than eighteen years old when such minor allegedly committed the offense, such other court shall forthwith transfer the case to the family court, together with all the papers, documents, and any available transcripts of testimony connected with it. The court making the transfer shall order that the minor be taken forthwith to the place of detention designated by the family court or to that court itself, or shall release the minor to the custody of the minor's parent or guardian or other person legally responsible for the minor, to be brought before the family court at a time designated by it. The family court shall then proceed as provided in this chapter. [L 1965, c 232, pt of 1; Supp, 333-9; HRS 571-12; am L 1980, c 303, pt of 7(2)]



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