571 Family Courts

   571D Juvenile Justice Interagency Board--Repealed

    572 Marriage

   572B Civil Unions

   572C Reciprocal Beneficiaries

   572D Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

    573 Married Women--Repealed

    574 Names

    575 Uniform Desertion and Nonsupport Act (Modified)

    576 Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support


   576B Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

   576D Child Support Enforcement

   576E Administrative Process for Child Support Enforcement

    577 Children

   577A Legal Capacity of Minor Regarding Medical Care

   577D Primary Medical Care for Minors Without Support

   577E Commission on Fatherhood

    578 Adoption

    579 Illegitimates:  Paternity Proceedings--Repealed

    580 Annulment, Divorce, and Separation

    581 Office of Children and Youth--Repealed

    582 Interstate Compact on Juveniles

   582D Interstate Compact for Juveniles

    583 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act--Repealed

   583A Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

    584 Uniform Parentage Act

    585 Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Orders--Repealed

    586 Domestic Abuse Protective Orders

   586C Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian

        Domestic-Violence Protection Orders Act

    587 Child Protective Act--Repealed

   587A Child Protective Act

   587D Safe Place for Newborns

    588 Children's Justice Program





        Part I.  Establishment; Personnel


     571-1 Construction and purpose of chapter

     571-2 Definitions

     571-3 Family courts, divisions of circuit courts

     571-4 Family courts, circuits

     571-5 Board of family court judges

     571-6 Appointment and duties of employees

     571-7 Repealed

     571-8 District family courts; district family judges;

           appointment; sessions

   571-8.1 Qualifications; tenure; removal

   571-8.2 Salary of district family judges

   571-8.3 Disqualification; absence; vacancy

   571-8.4 Jurisdiction

   571-8.5 Powers


        Part II.  Jurisdiction

    571-11 Jurisdiction; children

    571-12 Transfer from other courts

    571-13 Retention of jurisdiction

    571-14 Jurisdiction; adults


        Part III.  Initiation of Cases

    571-21 Complaint; investigation; petition

    571-22 Waiver of jurisdiction; transfer to other courts

  571-22.5 Appeal of waiver of jurisdiction

    571-23 Summons; notice; custody of minor

    571-24 Failure to answer summons; warrants


        Part IV.  Custody, Detention, and Shelter

    571-31 Taking children into custody; release; notice

  571-31.1 Standard for detention

  571-31.2 Juvenile intake and diagnostic services

  571-31.3 Voluntary assistance

  571-31.4 Informal adjustment, law violators

  571-31.5 Informal adjustment, status offenders

  571-31.6 Informal adjustment, minor who may be both law

           violator and status offender

  571-31.8 Contact with counsel; parent, guardian, or legal

           custodian; consultation

    571-32 Detention; shelter; release; notice

  571-32.1 Contract and fee-for-service accommodations

    571-33 Detention and shelter facilities

    571-34 Criminal history record checks


        Part V.  Procedure and Decree

    571-41 Procedure in children's cases

  571-41.1 Extradition of minors to Hawaii

  571-41.2 Extradition of minors from Hawaii

    571-42 Procedure in adult cases

    571-43 Additional remedies not pleaded

    571-44 Physical or mental examination and treatment

    571-45 Assessment and investigation prior to disposition;

           suspension of delinquency proceedings; denial of

           services reporting

    571-46 Criteria and procedure in awarding custody and

           visitation; best interest of the child

  571-46.1 Joint custody

  571-46.2 Orders relating to custody and visitation cases

  571-46.3 Grandparents' visitation rights; petition; notice;


  571-46.4 Child custody evaluators; qualification; registry;


  571-46.5 Parenting plans

  571-46.6 Criteria and procedure in awarding custody and

           visitation; disability

    571-47 Determination of parentage of child born in wedlock

    571-48 Decree, if informal adjustment or diversion to a

           private or community agency or program has not

           been effected

  571-48.5 Probation supervision requirements

  571-48.6 Earned discharge from probation; reporting


    571-49 Repealed

    571-50 Modification of decree, rehearing

    571-51 Support of minor committed for study or care

  571-51.5 Modification of support and visitation decrees

    571-52 Assignment by court order of future income for

           payments of support

  571-52.1 Repealed

  571-52.2 Automatic assignment by court or administrative

           order of future income for payment of child support

  571-52.3 Immediate income withholding

  571-52.5 Guidelines to determine child support amounts

  571-52.6 Child support order, judgment, or decree; accident

           and health or sickness insurance coverage

  571-52.7 Award of costs and reasonable attorneys' fees

    571-53 Signing of papers

    571-54 Appeal

    571-55 Certification in lieu of oath

    571-56 Offense

    571-57 Penalty


        Part VI.  Termination of Parental Rights

    571-61 Termination of parental rights; petition

    571-62 Hearing; investigation and report

    571-63 Findings and judgment


        Part VII.  Juvenile Crime Prevention Bureau

    571-71 Juvenile crime prevention bureau; establishment of

    571-72 Duties and powers; reports; expungement of juvenile

           arrest records

    571-73 No limitations on family courts

    571-74 Rules and standards; investigation and questioning;

           fingerprinting and photographing


        Part VIII.  General Provisions

    571-81 Contempt of court

    571-82 Court sessions; quarters

    571-83 Court and witness fees

    571-84 Records

  571-84.5 Support order, decree, judgment, or acknowledgment;

           social security number

  571-84.6 Minor law violators; proceedings and records not


    571-85 Authority of probation officers; additional

           probation officers

    571-86 Cooperation

  571-86.5 Statewide juvenile justice interdepartmental

           cluster; local juvenile justice interdepartmental

           cluster; high-need youth services coordination

    571-87 Appointment of counsel and guardian ad litem;


    571-88 Orders expunging juvenile arrest records

    571-89 Family court; annual report


        Part IX.  Military Deployment Provisions

    571-91 Definitions

    571-92 Application

    571-93 Duty to cooperate and disclose information

    571-94 Hearings; electronic participation

    571-95 Sole factor; effect on existing orders

    571-96 Visitation and contact

    571-97 Delegation of the deployed parent's contact rights

           to another


Rules of Court


  See Family Court Rules; applicability of Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see HRCP rules 1, 81; proceedings not governed by Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see RCC rule 31.


Law Journals and Reviews


  When Children Prey on Children:  A Look at Hawai`i's Version of Megan's Law and its Application to Juvenile Sex Offenders.  20 UH L. Rev. 477 (1998).

  In the Best Interests of the Child:  Juvenile Justice or Adult Retribution?  23 UH L. Rev. 341 (2000).

  Trauma-Informed Co-Parenting:  How a Shift in Compulsory Divorce Education to Reflect New Brain Development Research Can Promote Both Parents' and Children's Best Interests.  39 UH L. Rev. 37 (2016).


Case Notes


  When family court is concerned about potential abuse of a minor, it may take action under chapter 587 to promptly address problem, regardless of whether action was initiated under this chapter or by way of formal chapter 587 petition.  84 H. 41, 928 P.2d 883 (1996).

  No equal protection violation for use of preponderance of evidence standard of proof for §586-5.5 as family and household members not suspect class and rational basis underlying this standard adopted by legislature under this chapter for chapter 586 was to facilitate and expedite judicial issuance of protective orders.  85 H. 197 (App.), 940 P.2d 404 (1997).