§560:3-1211  Exemption from costs.  All proceedings under this part shall be free from all costs of court, except that the clerk may charge the actual expenses for advertising the notice specified in section 560:3-1206, the advertising, posting, or service fees required in carrying out any order of the court, including orders relating to the sale of real or personal property, and any expenses reasonably necessary for the preservation, disposal, distribution, and administration of the estate, together with a fee of three per cent of the market value of the first $100,000 in the gross estate, the fee to be paid into the treasury of the State as a government realization from any available assets of the estate; provided that if the administration is completed by another personal representative on account of the size of the estate or for any other reason, no fee shall be charged by the clerk. [L 1996, c 288, pt of §1; am L 2000, c 48, §8]