§560:3-1205  Estates of $100,000 or less; clerk of court to administer.  If a person dies leaving property in this State of a total value not exceeding $100,000, and a personal representative of the estate has not been appointed in the State, the clerk of the court of the judicial circuit in which the decedent was residing or domiciled at the time of the decedent's death or left property may, upon the verified petition of the clerk or of any interested person, obtain an order authorizing the clerk to administer the estate, and, as the personal representative, the clerk shall collect and receive the property and administer the same.  The order may be made without notice or hearing, at the discretion of the court.  Except as otherwise specifically required or authorized by law or where the clerk may be interested as an heir, or devisee, no clerk of any court shall act as personal representative of any estate where the value of the same is in excess of $100,000.  No fees shall be allowed the clerk, except as set forth in section 560:3-1211. [L 1996, c 288, pt of §1; am L 2000, c 48, §7]