Revision Note


  Title 30A added by revisor pursuant to §23G-15.



     560 Uniform Probate Code









          Part 1.  Short Title, Construction, General



  560:1-101 Short title

  560:1-102 Purposes; rule of construction

  560:1-103 Supplementary general principles of law applicable

  560:1-104 Severability

  560:1-105 Construction against implied repeal

  560:1-106 Effect of fraud and evasion

  560:1-107 Evidence of death or status

  560:1-108 Acts by holder of general power


          Part 2.  Definitions

  560:1-201 General definitions


          Part 3.  Scope, Jurisdiction, and Courts

  560:1-301 Territorial application

  560:1-302 Subject matter jurisdiction

  560:1-303 Venue; multiple proceedings; transfer

  560:1-304 Practice in court

  560:1-305 Records and certified copies

  560:1-306 Jury trial

  560:1-307 Registrar; powers

  560:1-308 Appeals

  560:1-309 Reserved

  560:1-310 Oath or affirmation on filed documents

  560:1-311 Documents sealed upon filing


          Part 4.  Notice, Parties, and Representation in

                   Estate Litigation and Other Matters

  560:1-401 Notice; method and time of giving

  560:1-402 Notice; waiver

  560:1-403 Pleadings; when parties bound by others; notice





          Part 1.  Intestate Succession

  560:2-101 Intestate estate

  560:2-102 Share of spouse or reciprocal beneficiary

  560:2-103 Share of heirs other than surviving spouse or

            reciprocal beneficiary

  560:2-104 Requirement that heir survive decedent for one

            hundred twenty hours

  560:2-105 No taker

560:2-105.5 Escheat of kuleana lands

  560:2-106 Representation

  560:2-107 Kindred of half blood

  560:2-108 Afterborn heirs

  560:2-109 Advancements

  560:2-110 Debts to decedent

  560:2-111 Alienage

  560:2-112 Dower and curtesy abolished

  560:2-113 Individuals related to decedent through two lines

  560:2-114 Parent and child relationship


          Part 2.  Elective Share of Surviving Spouse

  560:2-201 Definitions

  560:2-202 Elective share

  560:2-203 Composition of the augmented estate

  560:2-204 Decedent's net probate estate

  560:2-205 Decedent's nonprobate transfers to others

  560:2-206 Decedent's nonprobate transfers to the surviving

            spouse or reciprocal beneficiary

  560:2-207 Surviving spouse's or reciprocal beneficiary's

            property and nonprobate transfers to others

  560:2-208 Exclusions, valuation, and overlapping application

  560:2-209 Sources from which elective share payable

  560:2-210 Personal liability of recipients

  560:2-211 Proceeding for elective share; time limit

  560:2-212 Right of election personal to surviving spouse

            or reciprocal beneficiary; incapacitated surviving

            spouse or reciprocal beneficiary

  560:2-213 Waiver of right to elect and of other rights

  560:2-214 Protection of payors and other third parties


          Part 3.  Spouse and Children Unprovided for in Wills

  560:2-301 Entitlement of spouse or reciprocal beneficiary;

            premarital will

  560:2-302 Omitted children


          Part 4.  Exempt Property and Allowances

  560:2-401 Applicable law

  560:2-402 Homestead allowance

  560:2-403 Exempt property

  560:2-404 Family allowance

  560:2-405 Source, determination, and documentation


          Part 5.  Wills, Will Contracts, and Custody and

                   Deposit of Wills

  560:2-501 Who may make will

  560:2-502 Execution; witnessed wills; holographic wills

  560:2-503 Writings intended as wills, etc.

  560:2-504 Self-proved will

  560:2-505 Who may witness

  560:2-506 Choice of law as to execution

  560:2-507 Revocation by writing or by act

  560:2-508 Revocation by change of circumstances

  560:2-509 Revival of revoked will

  560:2-510 Incorporation by reference

  560:2-511 Testamentary additions to trusts

  560:2-512 Events of independent significance

  560:2-513 Separate writing identifying devise of certain

            types of tangible personal property

  560:2-514 Contracts concerning succession

  560:2-515 Reserved

  560:2-516 Duty of custodian of will; liability

  560:2-517 Penalty clause for contest


          Part 6.  Rules of Construction Applicable Only to


  560:2-601 Scope

  560:2-602 Will may pass all property and after-acquired


  560:2-603 Antilapse; deceased devisee; class gifts

  560:2-604 Failure of testamentary provision

  560:2-605 Increase in securities; accessions

  560:2-606 Nonademption of specific devises; unpaid proceeds

            of sale, condemnation, or insurance; sale by

            conservator or agent

  560:2-607 Nonexoneration

  560:2-608 Exercise of power of appointment

  560:2-609 Ademption by satisfaction


          Part 7.  Rules of Construction Applicable to Wills

                   and Other Governing Instruments

  560:2-701 Scope

  560:2-702 Requirement of survival by one hundred twenty


  560:2-703 Choice of law as to meaning and effect of

            governing instrument

  560:2-704 Power of appointment; meaning of specific

            reference requirement

  560:2-705 Class gifts construed to accord with intestate


  560:2-706 Life insurance; retirement plan; transfer-on-death

            registration; deceased beneficiary

  560:2-707 Survivorship with respect to future interests

            under terms of trust; substitute takers

  560:2-708 Class gifts to "descendants", "issue", or "heirs

            of the body"; form of distribution if none


  560:2-709 Representation; per capita at each generation; per


  560:2-710 Worthier-title doctrine abolished

  560:2-711 Interest in "heirs" and like


          Part 8.  General Provisions Concerning Probate and

                   Nonprobate Transfers

  560:2-801 Repealed

  560:2-802 Effect of divorce, annulment, decree of

            separation, and termination of reciprocal

            beneficiary relationship

  560:2-803 Effect of homicide on intestate succession, wills,

            trusts, joint assets, life insurance, and

            beneficiary designations

  560:2-804 Revocation of probate and nonprobate transfers by

            divorce or termination of reciprocal beneficiary

            relationship; no revocation by other changes of



          Part 9.  Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities;

                   Honorary Trusts

  560:2-901 to 907 Reserved


          Part 10.  Uniform International Wills Act

 560:2-1001 to 1010 Reserved





          Part 1.  General Provisions

  560:3-101 Devolution of estate at death; restrictions

  560:3-102 Necessity of order of probate for will

  560:3-103 Necessity of appointment for administration

  560:3-104 Claims against decedent; necessity of


  560:3-105 Proceedings affecting devolution and

            administration; jurisdiction of subject matter

  560:3-106 Proceedings within the exclusive jurisdiction of

            court; service; jurisdiction over persons

  560:3-107 Scope of proceedings; proceedings independent;


  560:3-108 Probate, testacy and appointment proceedings;

            ultimate time limit

  560:3-109 Statutes of limitation on decedent's cause of



          Part 2.  Venue for Probate and Administration;

                   Priority to Administer; Demand for Notice

  560:3-201 Venue for first and subsequent estate proceedings;

            location of property

  560:3-202 Appointment or testacy proceedings; conflicting

            claim of domicile in another state

  560:3-203 Priority among persons seeking appointment as

            personal representative

  560:3-204 Demand for notice of order or filing concerning

            decedent's estate


          Part 3.  Informal Probate and Appointment


  560:3-301 Informal probate or appointment proceedings;

            application; contents

  560:3-302 Informal probate; duty of registrar; effect of

            informal probate

  560:3-303 Informal probate; proof and findings required

  560:3-304 Informal probate; unavailable in certain cases

  560:3-305 Informal probate; registrar not satisfied

  560:3-306 Informal probate; notice requirements

  560:3-307 Informal appointment proceedings; delay in order;

            duty of registrar; effect of appointment

  560:3-308 Informal appointment proceedings; proof and

            findings required

  560:3-309 Informal appointment proceedings; registrar not


  560:3-310 Informal appointment proceedings; notice


  560:3-311 Informal appointment unavailable in certain cases

  560:3-312 to 322 Reserved


          Part 4.  Formal Testacy and Appointment Proceedings

  560:3-401 Formal testacy proceedings; nature; when commenced

  560:3-402 Formal testacy or appointment proceedings;

            petition; contents

  560:3-403 Formal testacy proceedings; notice of hearing on


  560:3-404 Formal testacy proceedings; written objections to


  560:3-405 Formal testacy proceedings; uncontested cases;

            hearings and proof

  560:3-406 Formal testacy proceedings; contested cases;

            testimony of attesting witnesses

  560:3-407 Formal testacy proceedings; burdens in contested


  560:3-408 Formal testacy proceedings; will construction;

            effect of final order in another jurisdiction

  560:3-409 Formal testacy proceedings; order; foreign will

  560:3-410 Formal testacy proceedings; probate of more than

            one instrument

  560:3-411 Formal testacy proceedings; partial intestacy

  560:3-412 Formal testacy proceedings; effect of order;


  560:3-413 Formal testacy proceedings; vacation of order for

            other cause

  560:3-414 Formal proceedings concerning appointment of

            personal representative


          Part 5.  Supervised Administration

  560:3-501 Supervised administration; nature of proceeding

  560:3-502 Supervised administration; petition; order

  560:3-503 Supervised administration; effect on other


  560:3-504 Supervised administration; powers of personal


  560:3-505 Supervised administration; interim orders;

            distribution and closing orders


          Part 6.  Personal Representative; Appointment,

                   Control, and Termination of Authority

  560:3-601 Qualification

  560:3-602 Acceptance of appointment; consent to jurisdiction

  560:3-603 Bond not required without court order, exceptions

  560:3-604 Bond amount; security; procedure; reduction

  560:3-605 Demand for bond by interested person

  560:3-606 Terms and conditions of bonds

  560:3-607 Order restraining personal representative

  560:3-608 Termination of appointment; general

  560:3-609 Termination of appointment; death or disability

  560:3-610 Termination of appointment; voluntary

  560:3-611 Termination of appointment by removal; cause;


  560:3-612 Termination of appointment; change of testacy


  560:3-613 Successor personal representative

  560:3-614 Special administrator; appointment

  560:3-615 Special administrator; who may be appointed

  560:3-616 Special administrator; appointed informally;

            powers and duties

  560:3-617 Special administrator; formal proceedings; power

            and duties

  560:3-618 Termination of appointment; special administrator


          Part 7.  Duties and Powers of Personal


  560:3-701 Time of accrual of duties and powers

  560:3-702 Priority among different letters

  560:3-703 General duties; relation and liability to persons

            interested in estate; standing to sue

  560:3-704 Personal representative to proceed without court

            order; exception

  560:3-705 Duty of personal representative; information to

            heirs and devisees

  560:3-706 Duty of personal representative; inventory and


  560:3-707 Employment of appraisers

  560:3-708 Duty of personal representative; supplementary


  560:3-709 Duty of personal representative; possession of


  560:3-710 Power to avoid transfers

  560:3-711 Powers of personal representatives; in general

  560:3-712 Improper exercise of power; breach of fiduciary


  560:3-713 Sale, encumbrance, or transaction involving

            conflict of interest; voidable; exceptions

  560:3-714 Persons dealing with personal representative;


  560:3-715 Transactions authorized for personal

            representatives; exceptions

  560:3-716 Powers and duties of successor personal


  560:3-717 Co-representatives; when joint action required

  560:3-718 Powers of surviving personal representative

  560:3-719 Compensation of personal representative

  560:3-720 Expenses in estate litigation

  560:3-721 Proceedings for review of employment of agents and

            compensation of personal representatives and

            employees of estate


          Part 8.  Creditors' Claims

  560:3-801 Notice to creditors

  560:3-802 Statutes of limitations

  560:3-803 Limitations on presentation of claims

  560:3-804 Manner of presentation of claims

  560:3-805 Classification of claims

  560:3-806 Allowance of claims

  560:3-807 Payment of claims

  560:3-808 Individual liability of personal representative

  560:3-809 Secured claims

  560:3-810 Claims not due and contingent or unliquidated


  560:3-811 Counterclaims

  560:3-812 Execution and levies prohibited

  560:3-813 Compromise of claims

  560:3-814 Encumbered assets

  560:3-815 Administration in more than one state; duty of

            personal representative

  560:3-816 Final distribution to domiciliary representative


          Part 9.  Special Provisions Relating to Distribution

  560:3-901 Successors' rights if no administration

  560:3-902 Distribution; order in which assets appropriated;


  560:3-903 Right of retainer

  560:3-904 Interest on general pecuniary devise

  560:3-905 Penalty clause for contest

  560:3-906 Distribution in kind; valuation; method

  560:3-907 Distribution in kind; evidence

  560:3-908 Distribution; right or title of distributee

  560:3-909 Improper distribution; liability of distributee

  560:3-910 Purchasers from distributees protected

  560:3-911 Partition for purpose of distribution

  560:3-912 Private agreements among successors to decedent

            binding on personal representative

  560:3-913 Distributions to trustee

  560:3-914 Disposition of unclaimed assets

  560:3-915 Distribution to person under disability

  560:3-916 Apportionment of estate taxes


          Part 10.  Closing Estates

 560:3-1001 Formal proceedings terminating administration;

            testate or intestate; order of general protection

 560:3-1002 Formal proceedings terminating testate

            administration; order construing will without

            adjudicating testacy

 560:3-1003 Closing estates; by sworn statement of personal


 560:3-1004 Liability of distributees to claimants

 560:3-1005 Limitations on proceedings against personal


 560:3-1006 Limitations on actions and proceedings against


 560:3-1007 Certificate discharging liens securing fiduciary


 560:3-1008 Subsequent administration


          Part 11.  Compromise of Controversies

 560:3-1101 Effect of approval of agreements involving trusts,

            inalienable interests, or interests of third


 560:3-1102 Procedure for securing court approval of



          Part 12.  Collection of Personal Property by

                    Affidavit and Summary Administration

                    Procedure for Small Estates

 560:3-1201 Collection of personal property by affidavit

 560:3-1202 Effect of affidavit

 560:3-1203 Small estates; summary administration procedure

 560:3-1204 Small estates; closing by sworn statement of

            personal representative

 560:3-1205 Estates of $100,000 or less; clerk of court to


 560:3-1206 Publication by clerk of appointment as personal

            representative; notice to creditors, heirs, etc.

 560:3-1207 Presentation of claims of creditors

 560:3-1208 Claims barred when

 560:3-1209 Duties of clerk and distribution

 560:3-1210 Undistributed proceeds or balances, disposition

 560:3-1211 Exemption from costs

 560:3-1212 Estates of persons leaving no known relatives

 560:3-1213 Reserved

 560:3-1214 Annual audit of accounts of clerk

 560:3-1215 Prohibition on the private practice of law by

            attorneys for small estates





          Part 1.  Definitions

  560:4-101 Definitions


          Part 2.  Powers of Foreign Personal Representatives

  560:4-201 Payment of debt and delivery of property to

            domiciliary foreign personal representative

            without local administration

  560:4-202 Payment or delivery discharges

  560:4-203 Resident creditor notice

  560:4-204 Proof of authority-bond

  560:4-205 Powers

  560:4-206 Power of representatives in transition

  560:4-207 Ancillary and other local administrations;

            provisions governing


          Part 3.  Jurisdiction Over Foreign Representatives

  560:4-301 Jurisdiction by act of foreign personal


  560:4-302 Jurisdiction by act of decedent

  560:4-303 Service on foreign personal representative


          Part 4.  Judgments and Personal Representative

  560:4-401 Effect of adjudication for or against personal






          Part 1.  General Provisions

  560:5-101 Short title

  560:5-102 Definitions

  560:5-103 Reserved

  560:5-104 Facility of transfer

  560:5-105 Delegation of power by parent or guardian

  560:5-106 Subject matter jurisdiction

  560:5-107 Transfer of jurisdiction

  560:5-108 Venue

  560:5-109 Practice in court

  560:5-110 Letters of office

  560:5-111 Effect of acceptance of appointment

  560:5-112 Termination of or change in guardian's or

            conservator's appointment

  560:5-113 Notice

  560:5-114 Waiver of notice

  560:5-115 Guardian ad litem

  560:5-116 Request for notice; interested persons

  560:5-117 Multiple appointments or nominations


          Part 2.  Guardianship of Minor

  560:5-201 Appointment and status of guardian

  560:5-202 Parental appointment of guardian

  560:5-203 Objection by minor or others to parental


  560:5-204 Judicial appointment of guardian; conditions for


  560:5-205 Judicial appointment of guardian; procedure

  560:5-206 Judicial appointment of guardian; priority

            of minor's nominee; limited guardianship

560:5-206.5 Judicial appointment of guardian; disability

  560:5-207 Duties of guardian

  560:5-208 Powers of guardian

  560:5-209 Rights and immunities of guardian

  560:5-210 Termination of guardianship; other proceedings

            after appointment


          Part 3.  Guardianship of Incapacitated Person

  560:5-301 Appointment and status of guardian

  560:5-302 Appointment of guardian by will or other writing

  560:5-303 Appointment of guardian by will or other writing;

            effectiveness; acceptance; confirmation

  560:5-304 Judicial appointment of guardian; petition

  560:5-305 Judicial appointment of guardian; preliminaries to


  560:5-306 Judicial appointment of guardian; professional


  560:5-307 Confidentiality of records

  560:5-308 Judicial appointment of guardian; presence and

            rights at hearing

  560:5-309 Notice

  560:5-310 Who may be guardian; priorities

  560:5-311 Findings; order of appointment

  560:5-312 Emergency guardian

  560:5-313 Temporary substitute guardian

  560:5-314 Duties of guardian

  560:5-315 Powers of guardian

  560:5-316 Rights and immunities of guardian; limitations

  560:5-317 Reports; monitoring of guardianship

  560:5-318 Termination or modification of guardianship


          Part 4.  Protection of Property of Protected Person

  560:5-401 Protective proceeding

  560:5-402 Jurisdiction over business affairs of protected


  560:5-403 Original petition for appointment or protective


  560:5-404 Notice

  560:5-405 Original petition; minors; preliminaries to


  560:5-406 Original petition; preliminaries to hearing

  560:5-407 Confidentiality of records

  560:5-408 Original petition; procedure at hearing

  560:5-409 Original petition; orders

  560:5-410 Powers of court

  560:5-411 Required court approval

  560:5-412 Protective arrangements and single transactions

  560:5-413 Who may be conservator; priorities

  560:5-414 Petition for order subsequent to appointment

  560:5-415 Bond

  560:5-416 Terms and requirements of bond

  560:5-417 Compensation and expenses

  560:5-418 General duties of conservator

  560:5-419 Inventory; records

  560:5-420 Reports; appointment of kokua kanawai

  560:5-421 Title by appointment

  560:5-422 Protected person's interest inalienable

  560:5-423 Sale, encumbrance, or other transaction involving

            conflict of interest

  560:5-424 Protection of person dealing with conservator

  560:5-425 Powers of conservator in administration

  560:5-426 Delegation

  560:5-427 Principles of distribution by conservator

  560:5-428 Death of protected person

  560:5-429 Presentation and allowance of claims

  560:5-430 Personal liability of conservator

  560:5-431 Termination of proceedings

  560:5-432 Payment of debt and delivery of property to

            foreign conservator without local proceeding

  560:5-433 Foreign conservator; proof of authority;

            bond; powers


          Part 5.  Powers of Attorney

 560:5-501, 502 Repealed


          Part 6.  Incapacitated Persons Sterilization Rights

  560:5-601 Definitions

  560:5-602 Sterilization of wards

  560:5-603 Initiation of proceeding

  560:5-604 Appointment of guardian ad litem

  560:5-605 Notice

  560:5-606 Repealed

560:5-606.5 Reproductive rights advisory list

  560:5-607 Hearing

  560:5-608 Criteria

  560:5-609 Appeals

  560:5-610 Repealed

  560:5-611 Confidentiality of and access to records

  560:5-612 No liability arising from sterilization; exception





          Part 1.  Multiple-Party Accounts

  560:6-101 Definitions

  560:6-102 Ownership as between parties, and others;

            protection of financial institutions

  560:6-103 Ownership during lifetime

  560:6-104 Right of survivorship

  560:6-105 Effect of written notice to financial institution

  560:6-106 Accounts and transfers nontestamentary

  560:6-107 Rights against multiple-party accounts

  560:6-108 Financial institution protection; payment on

            signature of one party

  560:6-109 Financial institution protection; payment after

            death or disability; joint account

  560:6-110 Financial institution protection; payment of

            payable-on-death account

  560:6-111 Financial institution protection; payment of trust


  560:6-112 Financial institution protection; discharge

  560:6-113 Financial institution protection; set-off


          Part 2.  Reserved

  560:6-201 Reserved





  560:7-101 to 501 Repealed





          Part 1.  Effect of Act 200, Session Laws of

                   Hawaii 1976

  560:8-101 Time of taking effect; provisions for transition

  560:8-102 Specific repealer and amendments


          Part 2.  Effect of Act 288, Session Laws of

                   Hawaii 1996

  560:8-201 Effect and transition


          Part 3.  Effect of Act 161, Session Laws of

                   Hawaii 2004

  560:8-301 Effect


Cross References


  Effect and transition of L 1996, c 288 amendments, see §560:8-201.

  Uniform transfer-on-death (TOD) security registration act, see chapter 539.


Rules of Court


  See Hawaii Probate Rules.

  Applicability of Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see HRCP rule 81(a)(1), (c), (f), (g), (h).