§558-4  Creation of trust, powers of trustee.  Any recorded instrument transferring any interest in real property in this State, including but not limited to, leasehold and mortgagee's interests, to any person, corporation, bank, or trust company, qualified to act as a trustee in this State, whether or not reference is made in such recorded instrument to any separate unrecorded collateral declarations or agreements, shall be effective to vest in the trustee legal and equitable title over the real property or interest therein, with full power and authority as granted and provided in the recorded instrument to deal in and with the property or interest therein or any part thereof.  Any trust authorized pursuant to this chapter shall be valid notwithstanding the fact that the recorded instrument fails to state the duties imposed upon the trustee. [L 1978, c 151, pt of §1; am L 1982, c 127, §1]