556-1 Definition of terms

    556-2 Application of payments made to fiduciaries

    556-3 Transfer of negotiable instrument by fiduciary

    556-4 Check drawn by fiduciary payable to third person

    556-5 Check drawn by and payable to fiduciary

    556-6 Deposit in name of fiduciary as such

    556-7 Deposit in name of principal

    556-8 Deposit in fiduciary's personal account

    556-9 Deposit in names of two or more trustees

   556-10 Cases not provided for in chapter


Cross References


  Uniform prudent management of institutional funds act, see chapter 517E.


Rules of Court


  See Hawaii Probate Rules.


Case Notes


  Bank's liability to principal for checks drawn by fiduciary, discussed.  856 F.2d 78 (1988).

  Bank not liable to principal where no evidence that bank:  received checks drawn by fiduciary as personal creditor; transferred funds with actual knowledge of fiduciary's breach of obligation; or transfers in bad faith.  69 H. 523, 751 P.2d 77 (1988).