554B-1 Definitions

   554B-2 Custodial trust; general

   554B-3 Custodial trustee for future payment or transfer

   554B-4 Form and effect of receipt and acceptance by custodial

          trustee, jurisdiction

   554B-5 Transfer to custodial trustee by fiduciary or obligor,

          facility of payment

   554B-6 Multiple beneficiaries, separate custodial trusts,


   554B-7 General management duties of custodial trustee

   554B-8 General powers of custodial trustee

   554B-9 Use of custodial trust property

  554B-10 Determination of incapacity, proceeding and effect

  554B-11 Exemption of third person from liability

  554B-12 Liability to third persons

  554B-13 Declination, resignation, incapacity, death, or

          removal of custodial trustee; designation of successor

          custodial trustee

  554B-14 Expenses, compensation, and bond of custodial trustee

  554B-15 Reporting and accounting by custodial trustee;

          determination of liability of custodial trustee

  554B-16 Limitations of action against custodial trustee

  554B-17 Termination and distribution

  554B-18 Implementation, methods, and forms for creating

          custodial trusts

  554B-19 Applicable law

  554B-20 Uniformity of application and construction

  554B-21 Short title

  554B-22 Severability


Rules of Court


  See Hawaii Probate Rules.