554A-1 Definitions

   554A-2 Powers of trustee conferred by trust or by law

   554A-3 Powers of trustees conferred by this chapter

   554A-4 Trustee's office not transferable

   554A-5 Power of court to permit deviation or to approve

          transactions involving conflict of interest

   554A-6 Powers exercisable by joint trustees; liability

   554A-7 Third persons protected in dealing with trustee

   554A-8 Application of chapter

   554A-9 Uniformity of interpretation

  554A-10 Short title

  554A-11 Severability


Cross References


  Uniform prudent investor act, see chapter 554C.


Rules of Court


  See Hawaii Probate Rules.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Endangering Individual Autonomy in Choice of Lawyers and Trustees--Misconceived Conflict of Interest Claims in the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate Litigation.  21 UH L. Rev. 487 (1999).

  Understanding the Attorney-Client and Trustee-Beneficiary Relationships in the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate Litigation:  A Reply to Professor McCall.  21 UH L. Rev. 511 (1999).

  Regulating the Management of Charities:  Trust Law, Corporate Law, and Tax Law.  21 UH L. Rev. 593 (1999).


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