§554-7  Assignee for creditors, instructions, and approval of accounts.  A trustee or assignee for creditors has the same right, by application to a circuit court to request and receive instructions or to have the trustee's or assignee's accounts approved or be discharged from the trustee's or assignee's trust, as any other fiduciary, according to the usages and principles of courts of equity concerning trusts. [L 1941, c 292, §1; RL 1945, §12577; RL 1955, §340-7; HRS §554-7; am L 1972, c 145, §3(d); gen ch 1985]


Rules of Court


  Accountings, see Hawaii Probate Rules, part A(VII); HPR rules 83, 84.


Case Notes


  See 36 H. 732 (1944).