§554-1  Vesting title to trust estates.  In the case of the valid appointment or succession of any trustee to fill a vacancy in any trusteeship, whether the vacancy is caused by death, removal, or otherwise, any circuit court having jurisdiction over the subject matter of the trust, may make a vesting order which shall vest the legal title in and to the trust property situate in the State in the trustee so appointed or succeeding, subject to the trust, solely, unless there be a co-trustee or co-trustees in which case in the new trustee and the new trustee's co-trustee or co-trustees as the case may be jointly. [L 1909, c 59, §1; RL 1925, §2474; RL 1935, §4711; RL 1945, §12571; RL 1955, §340-1; HRS §554-1; am L 1972, c 145, §3(a); gen ch 1985]


Rules of Court


  Vesting orders, see HPR rule 126(b).