533-1 Repealed

    533-2 Election in case of exchanged lands

    533-3 In lands mortgaged before marriage

    533-4 Not in lands mortgaged for purchase money during

          coverture as against mortgagee

    533-5 In surplus after purchase-money mortgage paid

    533-6 Not in lands held by husband as mortgagee

    533-7 Widow's right to occupy lands while dower unassigned

    533-8 Widow's right to remain in husband's house

    533-9 Barred by divorce or misconduct

   533-10 Barred by deed

   533-11 Barred by jointure before marriage

   533-12 Barred by pecuniary provision before marriage

   533-13 Election between dower and jointure or pecuniary

          provision, when

  533-14, 15 Repealed

   533-16 Curtesy; election between curtesy and will

   533-17 Standard of values; dower, etc.




  Sections 533-2 through 533-16 are applicable to rights accruing prior to July 1, 1977, and such law shall continue in full force and effect as to any such rights notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 560, and the revisor of statutes is instructed to retain these sections in the Hawaii Revised Statutes.  L 1976, c 200, §1(8-102(18)).


Cross References


  Intestate succession and wills, see chapter 560, Article II.