532-6 To child born to parents not married to each other. Every child born to parents not married to each other at the time of the child's birth and for whom the parent and child relationship has not been established pursuant to chapter 584 shall be considered as an heir to the child's mother, and shall inherit her estate, in whole or in part, as the case may be, in like manner as if the child had been born in lawful wedlock. [CC 1859, 1452; am L 1874, c 50, 1 (repealed by L 1876, c 9); RL 1925, 3307; RL 1935, 4815; RL 1945, 12075; RL 1955, 318-6; HRS 532-6; am L 1997, c 52, 2]


Cross References


Inheritance of child of illegal marriage, see 580-25.


Case Notes


"Children lawfully begotten" does not include bastard legitimated by marriage. 14 H. 271 (1902).

Illegitimate child is not heir to mother's parent. 20 H. 722 (1911).



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