[531B-2] Definitions. As used in this chapter:

"Cemetery" means any property, or part interest therein, dedicated to and used or intended to be used for the permanent interment of human remains. It may be a burial park with one or more plots, for earth interment; a mausoleum with one or more vaults or crypt interments; a structure or place with one or more niches, recesses, or other receptacles for the interment of cremated remains, or any combination of one or more thereof.

"Crematory" means a structure containing a furnace used or intended to be used for the cremation of human remains.

"Estranged" means a physical and emotional separation from the decedent at the time of death which has existed for a period of time that clearly demonstrates an absence of due affection, trust, and regard for the decedent.

"Funeral establishment" means a place of business used in the care and preparation for interment or transportation of human remains, embalming, placing the same on display, or otherwise providing for final disposition of human remains.

"Mortuary" means a place of business devoted exclusively to furnishing funeral services and related commodities.

"Person" means an individual eighteen years of age or older. [L 2013, c 17, pt of 2]



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