[§523A-52]  Definitions.  For purposes of this part, the following words shall have the following meanings:

     "Unclaimed property" means any tangible personal property or intangible personal property, including money, deposits, choses in action in amounts certain, and all debts owed on entrusted funds or other property (except bonuses and gratuities) held by any federal agency or any officer or employee thereof, whether occasioned by contract or operation of law or otherwise, and all interest, income, or increment derived therefrom, less any lawful charges, which has remained unclaimed by the owner for:

     (1)  One year from the date of maturity or call for payment, if arising from transactions under the public debt; or

     (2)  One year after the property first became payable, demandable or returnable, if arising from any other transaction. [L 1988, c 93, pt of §2]