Part I.  Uniform Unclaimed Property Act


    523A-1 Short title

    523A-2 Definitions

    523A-3 Presumptions of abandonment

  523A-3.5 Gift certificates and gift cards

    523A-4 Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping


    523A-5 Rules of taking custody

    523A-6 Dormancy charge

    523A-7 Burden of proof as to property evidenced by record of

           check or draft

    523A-8 Report of abandoned property

    523A-9 Payment or delivery of abandoned property

   523A-10 Notice and publication of lists of abandoned property

   523A-11 Custody by State; recovery by holder; defense of


   523A-12 Crediting of dividends, interest, and increments to

           owner's account

   523A-13 Public sale of abandoned property

   523A-14 Claim of another state to recover property

   523A-15 Filing claim with administrator; handling of claims

           by administrator

   523A-16 Action to establish claim

   523A-17 Election to take payment or delivery

   523A-18 Destruction or disposition of property having no

           substantial commercial value; immunity from liability

   523A-19 Periods of limitation

   523A-20 Requests for reports and examination of records

   523A-21 Retention of records

   523A-22 Enforcement

   523A-23 Interstate agreements and cooperation; joint and

           reciprocal actions with other states

   523A-24 Interest and penalties

   523A-25 Agreement to locate property

   523A-26 Deposit of funds

   523A-27 Foreign transactions

   523A-28 Transitional provisions

   523A-29 Rules

   523A-30 Uniformity of application and construction


        Part II.  Unclaimed Property Held by the United States

  523A-51 Declaration of policy

  523A-52 Definitions

  523A-53 Unclaimed property subject to delivery to State;


  523A-54 Request by director of finance for report of

          previously unreported information

  523A-55 Agreement for State's payment of share of costs

  523A-56 Posting copy of report; notice of interest and

          intention to claim; determination of asserted


  523A-57 State's right unaffected by expiration of time for


  523A-58 Petition for determination of State's right to custody

          of unclaimed property; venue; service not required

  523A-59 Notice of proceedings

  523A-60 Answer; disposition of funds on deposit; dismissal

          without prejudice

  523A-61 Application for judgment relating to property not

          claimed by answer, and finding and declaration


  523A-62 Request for delivery or payment of unclaimed property

          described in judgment; receipts

  523A-63 Disposition of property received

  523A-64 Undertaking to hold the United States harmless;

          intervention by state attorney general

  523A-65 State rights not affected


Revision Note


  Chapter heading changed by revisor pursuant to §23G-15.


Attorney General Opinions


  Act 214, L 1996, which amended Hawaii's unclaimed property law to permit escheat of abandoned property, was constitutional; recommendations regarding notice of custodial taking and escheat notice, discussed.  Att. Gen. Op. 98-4.