[521-82] Court order to vacate; domestic violence. (a) If a court of competent jurisdiction, in an action relating to domestic violence, has ordered the person who committed domestic violence against the tenant or immediate family member of the tenant to vacate the dwelling unit, upon issuance of the order, neither the landlord nor the tenant shall have any duty to:

(1) Allow the person access to the dwelling unit, unless the person is accompanied by a law enforcement officer; or

(2) Provide the person with keys to the dwelling unit.

(b) If the person is a party to the rental agreement, then upon issuance of the court order requiring the person to vacate the dwelling unit, the person's interest in the tenancy shall terminate, and the landlord and tenant shall be entitled to any actual damages resulting from that termination.

(c) Pursuant to section 521-80, the landlord shall return security deposits recoverable under section 521-44 and recoverable prepaid rent following the termination of the rental agreement and the surrender of the dwelling unit to the landlord.

(d) The tenant shall not be required to pay any additional rent, fees, or security deposit because of the termination of the person's interest as a tenant of the dwelling unit. [L 2015, c 220, pt of 1]



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