Part I.  General Provisions and Definitions


    521-1 Short title

    521-2 Purposes; rules of construction

    521-3 Supplementary general principles of law, other laws,


    521-4 Construction against implicit repeal

    521-5 Severability

    521-6 Territorial application

    521-7 Exclusions from application of chapter

    521-8 Definitions

    521-9 Notice, notification, knowledge, etc.

   521-10 Duties; obligation of good faith

   521-11 Time; reasonable time


        Part II.  Rent

   521-21 Rent

   521-22 Term of rental agreement


        Part III.  Limitations on Rental Agreements and


   521-31 Waiver; agreement to forego rights; settlement of


   521-32 Separation of rents and obligations to property


   521-33 Landlord's waiver of liability prohibited

   521-34 Authorization to confess judgment prohibited

   521-35 Attorney's fees

   521-36 Effect of termination

   521-37 Subleases and assignments

   521-38 Tenants subject to rental agreement; notice of


   521-39 Medical cannabis; tenant use; eviction


        Part IV.  Landlord Obligations

   521-41 Landlord to supply possession of dwelling unit

   521-42 Landlord to supply and maintain fit premises

   521-43 Rental agreement, disclosure

   521-44 Security deposits

   521-45 Limitation of landlord and management liability


        Part V.  Tenant Obligations

   521-51 Tenant to maintain dwelling unit

   521-52 Tenant to use properly

   521-53 Access

   521-54 Tenant to use and occupy

   521-55 Tenant's responsibility to inform landlord

   521-56 Disposition of tenant's abandoned possessions


        Part VI.  Remedies and Penalties

   521-61 Tenant's remedies for failure by landlord to supply


   521-62 Tenant's remedy of termination at beginning of term

   521-63 Tenant's remedy of termination at any time; unlawful

          removal or exclusion

   521-64 Tenant's remedy of repair and deduction for minor


   521-65 Tenant's remedies for fire or casualty damage

   521-66 Tenant's right to refund of rent, etc., on termination;

          return of security deposit

   521-67 Tenant's remedy for failure by landlord to disclose

   521-68 Landlord's remedies for failure by tenant to pay rent

   521-69 Landlord's remedies for tenant's waste, failure to

          maintain, or unlawful use

 521-69.5 Repealed

   521-70 Landlord's remedies for absence, misuse, abandonment

          and failure to honor tenancy before occupancy

   521-71 Termination of tenancy; landlord's remedies for

          holdover tenants

   521-72 Landlord's remedies for improper use

   521-73 Landlord's and tenant's remedies for abuse of access

   521-74 Retaliatory evictions and rent increases prohibited

 521-74.5 Recovery of possession limited

   521-75 Unconscionability

   521-76 Repealed

   521-77 Investigation and resolution of complaints by the

          office of consumer protection

   521-78 Rent trust fund

   521-79 Definitions

   521-80 Early termination of tenancy; victims of domestic


   521-81 Change of locks; victims of domestic violence

   521-82 Court order to vacate; domestic violence

   521-83 Early termination of tenancy; servicemember tenants


Cross References


  Civil relief for state military forces, see chapter 657D.

  Medical cannabis patient and caregiver protections, see §329-125.5.