§516-68  Rights to self-organization; remedies.  Lessees in a development tract shall have the right of self-organization and the right to form, join, or assist each other in forming associations for their mutual benefit or to select representatives of their choosing to engage in bargaining with their lessor or to secure other mutual aid or protection as may be necessary or desirable with respect to their respective leasehold interests.  No lessor or agent of the lessor shall interfere with, restrain, or coerce any lessee in the exercise of the rights granted by this section or dominate or attempt to control the formation of any such organization.  Neither the lessor nor the organization or the duly authorized representative of a majority of the lessees shall refuse to bargain collectively in good faith with each other.  In the event of any such refusal or violation of this section, either party may file a complaint with the Hawaii housing finance and development corporation, and the corporation, after due notice of hearing and hearings, may issue such cease and desist orders as shall be meet and just in the light of the evidence adduced. [L 1967, c 307, §41; HRS §516-68; am L 1987, c 337, §16; am L 1988, c 104, §2; am L 1997, c 350, §14; am L 2005, c 196, §26(b); am L 2006, c 180, §16]