§516-34  Mortgages, agreements of sale, other instruments.  (a)  If an applicant who wishes to purchase the leased fee interest in the applicant's residential leasehold lot is unable to obtain sufficient funds at reasonable rates from private lenders, the Hawaii housing finance and development corporation may, by way of mortgage, agreement of sale or other instruments to secure the indebtedness, loan to the purchaser up to ninety per cent of the purchase price; provided that such agreement of sale shall be for a term not to exceed three years; provided further that the corporation, upon its discretion, may extend such agreement of sale for not more than two years if the lessee requests such extension.  In case of any dispute of the extension of the agreement of sale, the lessee shall bear the burden of proof to show good cause for such extension.

     (b)  The purchaser of the leased fee interest shall pay not less than ten per cent of the price and execute with the corporation an agreement of sale, or mortgage, or other instrument to secure the indebtedness under the terms of which the unpaid balance and the interest thereon, at a reasonable rate determined by the corporation, shall be paid in monthly installments over such periods as the corporation may determine.  Every mortgage, agreement of sale, other instruments to secure the indebtedness, or instrument of indebtedness shall be freely assignable by the corporation and may contain such other provisions as are usually found in such instruments and shall provide that the purchaser may prepay the whole or any part of the unpaid balance of the purchase price plus accrued interest at any time without prepayment penalty.

     (c)  If the purchaser defaults on the payment of any loan, the corporation shall take all necessary action to collect the delinquent principal and interest on the loan and may take all actions allowed to holders of obligations, including the power to repossess, purchase, lease, rent, repair, renovate, modernize, and sell the property foreclosed. [L 1967, c 307, §23; HRS §516-34; am L 1968, c 46, §2g; am L 1975, c 184, §2(14); gen ch 1985; am L 1987, c 337, §16; am L 1988, c 104, §2; am L 1997, c 350, §14; am L 2005, c 196, §26(b); am L 2006, c 180, §16]