§514E-27  Alternative arrangements for purchaser protection.  (a)  In recognition of the impossibility or impracticability of a proposed time share plan satisfying some of the requirements of section 514E-19 because of factors over which the developer has little or no control, the director may accept arrangements, other than those prescribed by section 514E-19, which in the judgment of the director will give rights and remedies affording equivalent benefits and protections to time share owners which are at least comparable in scope though not necessarily in nature to those designed to be afforded by the section.

     (b)  Whenever the director is asked to accept alternative arrangements pursuant to this section, the director may contract with an attorney or attorneys and may contract with any other private consultants which the director or the attorney deems necessary or advisable, in connection with the review of the proposed arrangements for protecting purchasers; provided that the cost of retaining such attorneys and other consultants shall be borne by the developer.  The attorney shall be asked to thoroughly review the time share plan for the purpose of examining the purchaser protections, including the documentation used in connection therewith and the disclosure thereof in the developer's disclosure statement.  Upon completing the review, the attorney shall provide a written analysis of the proposal and an opinion as to the nature and extent of the protections which the proposal affords purchasers against blanket liens.  The review of alternative arrangements pursuant to this section shall be in addition to the consultant review required under section 514E-10.5 for all filings which are submitted by time share developers. [L 1982, c 186, §15; am L 1984, c 41, §2]