[§514E-11.3]  Remedies; sales voidable; when and by whom.  Every sale or transfer made in violation of this chapter shall be voidable at the election of the purchaser.  Without limiting any other remedy of the purchaser, the person making the sale or transfer and every director, officer, or agent of or for the seller, if the director, officer, or agent has personally participated or aided in any way in making the sale, transfer, or solicitation, shall be jointly and severally liable to the purchaser in any action at law in any court of competent jurisdiction upon tender of the time share interest sold, or of the contract made, for the full amount paid by the purchaser, with interest at the rate of ten per cent a year from the date of payment by the purchaser, together with all taxable court costs and reasonable attorney's fees, less a pro rata portion of the amount paid representing the portion of any benefits the purchaser actually received or had the right to receive during the time preceding tender. [L 1981, c 81, pt of §1]


Revision Note


  Subsection (a) designation deleted pursuant to §23G-15.