§514E-10.5  Consultant review of developer filing.  The director may contract with private consultants in connection with the review of the filing required of time share developers pursuant to section 514E-10(a) and [(e)].  The cost of contracting private consultants shall be borne by the developer; provided that the consultant review required under this section shall not affect the scope of the review under section 514E-27 that the director may request for filings that encompass alternative arrangements for purchaser protection.  The consultant shall be asked to thoroughly review the filing for the purpose of examining its compliance with the requirements of this chapter and any rule adopted by the director, including the documentation and other provided materials.  Upon completing the review, the consultant shall provide a written analysis of the filing and an opinion of the nature and extent to which it complies with this chapter and adopted rules.  The director may adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 to further delineate the duties of the consultant in undertaking the review and analysis required pursuant to this section. [L 1984, c 41, pt of §1; am L 1994, c 91, §2]