[§514E-9.1]  Disclosure statement; prospective purchasers.  The purchaser of a time share interest shall be provided a copy of the disclosure statement filed with and accepted by the director concurrently with the execution of a sales contract.  The disclosure statement shall be provided in printed form unless the purchaser indicates in a separate writing the purchaser's election to receive the disclosure statement through means of a computer disc, electronic mail, download from an internet site, thumb drive, any other media that may require the use of a device or a machine to be viewed or heard, or by any other means contemplated by chapter 489E.  The separate writing shall include, above the signature line in bold type and capital letters, the following statement:  "ANY PURCHASER HAS UNDER THE LAW A SEVEN-DAY RIGHT OF RESCISSION OF ANY TIME SHARING SALES CONTRACT.  PURCHASERS SHOULD READ THE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT BEFORE THE SEVEN-DAY RIGHT OF RESCISSION PERIOD EXPIRES." [L 2014, c 228, §2]