§514E-3  Taxation.  (a)  The plan manager, if any, shall collect and pay real property and transient accommodations taxes due on the time share units or occupants under the plan manager's authority as the agent of the owners of the individual units or temporal divisions thereof.  The liability of the individual owners of the units, or temporal division thereof, for real property taxes, shall be primary to all parties except the plan manager.  The right to contest or appeal any real property or transient accommodations tax assessment shall apply to the plan manager and any person having an interest in a time share unit.

     (b)  The acquisition agent and sales agent shall maintain records pertaining to the general excise tax of any independent contractors employed by them, their addresses and commissions paid during each calendar year.  The plan manager shall maintain records of the general excise and transient accommodations taxes due and owing with respect to any occupants or time share units under the plan manager's management.  The records for any year shall be retained for at least two years and be available for inspection by the director or the director of taxation. [L 1980, c 186, pt of §1; gen ch 1985; am L 1996, c 46, §1; am L 1998, c 156, §29]