514E-1 Definitions

  514E-1.5 Time share administrator; duties

    514E-2 Status of property

  514E-2.5 Licensing of sales agents and acquisition agents

  514E-2.6 Repealed

    514E-3 Taxation

    514E-4 County authority

    514E-5 Geographic limitations

  514E-5.5 Foreign time share plans; exemption

    514E-6 Time sharing in projects

  514E-6.5 Voting rights for time share units

    514E-7 Maintenance charges

    514E-8 Mutual right to cancel

  514E-8.5 Classes of time share interests

  514E-8.6 One-to-one use-right to use-night requirement

    514E-9 Disclosure statement

  514E-9.1 Disclosure statement; prospective purchasers

  514E-9.5 Exchange program; general provisions

  514E-9.8 Time share interest owner referrals

   514E-10 Registration required; developer, acquisition agent,

           plan manager, and exchange agent; registration renewal

 514E-10.2 Limited permit

 514E-10.3 Time share owners association; budgets and reserves

 514E-10.5 Consultant review of developer filing

   514E-11 Prohibited practices

 514E-11.1 Deceptive trade practices

 514E-11.2 Power to enjoin

 514E-11.3 Remedies; sales voidable; when and by whom

 514E-11.4 Defense to action

   514E-12 Civil penalty; suspension or revocation of


 514E-12.5 Statutory or common-law remedies

   514E-13 Authority of director

   514E-14 Preexisting time share units and plans

   514E-15 Severability

   514E-16 Deposit of purchaser's funds, notes, and contracts

           into escrow

   514E-17 Release of purchaser's funds, notes, and contracts

           from escrow without a closing

   514E-18 Release of purchaser's funds, notes, and contracts

           from escrow upon closing

   514E-19 Protection of purchasers from blanket liens

   514E-20 Effect of recording a nondisturbance agreement

   514E-21 Effect of recording a notice of time share plan

   514E-22 General requirements for trusts

   514E-23 Requirements for trustees

   514E-24 Additional requirements for lien payment trusts

   514E-25 Lien payment deposit

   514E-26 Termination of a trust

   514E-27 Alternative arrangements for purchaser protection

   514E-28 Requirements for surety bonds and letters of credit

   514E-29 Association; lien for delinquent assessments

   514E-30 Scope of chapter

   514E-31 Private right of action


Cross References


  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4, 26H-5.

  Time share commissioners of deeds, see chapter 503B.

  Time share interest foreclosures, see §§667-62 to 667-65.


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