514C-5 Offer to other prospective purchasers; time limit. No lessor shall sell the leased fee interest in any land under a condominium project or cooperative project containing one or more residential units or any part thereof to any party other than the association of owners or cooperative housing corporation for that project until a right of first refusal for the purchase of that interest has been offered as required by this part and has been rejected in writing by the board of directors, except in the case of sales to individual condominium unit lessees or cooperative unit lessees, which shall be subject to the requirements of section 514C-6.5; provided that an offer made pursuant to sections 514C-2, 514C-3, and 514C-6.5 shall be deemed to be rejected if not accepted in writing by the board of directors of the condominium project or the cooperative housing corporation within one hundred twenty days of its receipt of the written notice from the seller, as evidenced by the return receipts, or if the sale, through no fault of the seller, has not closed upon the purchase of one hundred per cent of the interest being sold within one hundred eighty days of receipt by the board of directors of such written notice, as evidenced by the return receipts. In the event that closing is delayed due to any fault of the seller, the deadline for closing shall be extended for a period of time equal to the delay caused by the seller. [L 1988, c 298, pt of 1; am L 1993, c 326, 2; am L 1999, c 241, 3(5); am L 2008, c 28, 34]



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