[§514B-124.5]  Voting for elections; cumulative voting.  (a)  If the bylaws provide for cumulative voting for an election at a meeting, each unit owner present in person or represented by proxy shall have a number of votes equal to the unit owner's voting percentage multiplied by the number of positions to be filled at the election.

     (b)  Each unit owner shall be entitled to cumulate the votes of the unit owner and give all of the votes to one nominee or distribute the votes among any or all of the nominees.

     (c)  The nominee or nominees receiving the highest number of votes under this section, up to the total number of positions to be filled, shall be deemed elected and shall be given the longest term.

     (d)  This section shall not prevent the filling of vacancies on the board of directors in accordance with this chapter and the association's governing documents. [L 2014, c 189, §1]