[§514B-97.5]  Prohibitions.  (a)  No person who has executed an owner-occupant affidavit shall sell or offer to sell, lease or offer to lease, rent or offer to rent, assign or offer to assign, or convey the unit until at least three hundred sixty-five consecutive days have elapsed since the recordation of the purchase; provided that a person who continues in the use of the premises as the individual's principal residence during this period may convey or transfer the unit into a trust for estate planning purposes.  Any contract or instrument entered into in violation of this subpart shall be subject to the remedies provided in section 514B‑99(a).

     (b)  No developer, employee or agent of a developer, or real estate licensee shall violate or aid any other person in violating this subpart. [L 2005, c 93, pt of §4]