§514B-52  Application for registration.  (a)  An application for registration of a project shall:

     (1)  Be accompanied by nonrefundable fees as provided in rules adopted by the director of commerce and consumer affairs pursuant to chapter 91; and

     (2)  Contain the documents and information concerning the project and the condominium property regime as required by sections 514B‑54, 514B‑83, and 514B‑84, as applicable, and as otherwise may be specified by the commission.

     (b)  An application for registration of a project in the agricultural district classified pursuant to chapter 205 shall include a verified statement, signed by an appropriate county official, that the project as described and set forth in the project's declaration, condominium map, bylaws, and house rules does not include any restrictions limiting or prohibiting agricultural uses or activities, in compliance with section 205‑4.6.  For projects containing greater than five units, the statement shall also include the applicant's assessment and county comments regarding the availability of supportive infrastructure, any potential impact on governmental plans and resources, sensitive environmental resources, and any other requirements pursuant to county ordinances and rules.  The developer's public report shall include the verified statement in addition to the information required by section 514B-83.  The commission shall not accept the registration of a project where a county official has not signed a verified statement.

     (c)  The commission need not process any incomplete application and may return an incomplete application to the developer and require that the developer submit a new application, including nonrefundable fees.  If an incomplete application is not completed within six months of the date of the original submission, it shall be deemed abandoned and registration of the project shall require the submission of a new application, including nonrefundable fees.

     (d)  A developer shall promptly file amendments to report either any actual or expected pertinent or material change, or both, in any document or information contained in the application. [L 2005, c 93, pt of §3; am L 2014, c 49, §5; am L 2021, c 77, §3]