§510-5  Control of community property.  (a)  Either spouse, as agent for the owners of the community property, has the same right as though it were that spouse's separate property to receive, manage, control, dispose of, and otherwise deal with all community property.  The rights given to either spouse to manage, control, dispose of, and otherwise deal with community property, as provided in this section, shall be exercised in good faith for the benefit of the owners of the community property and their legal representatives, but no person shall be held liable or accountable with respect to any conveyance, transfer, or other disposition of, or with respect to the management of, control of, or dealing with such community property, except the spouse by whom the same has been so conveyed, transferred, or otherwise disposed of, managed, controlled, or otherwise dealt with.  In case of any violation by either spouse of any duty owed to the other or their legal representatives, the person aggrieved and the legal representatives of such person are entitled to appropriate relief.

     (b)  Nothing in subsection (a) shall be construed to alter or modify or to otherwise affect the legal effect of any act or transaction which occurred prior to May 9, 1984. [L 1945, c 273, pt of §1; am L 1949, c 242, §3(b); RL 1955, §326-5; HRS §510-5; am L 1984, c 100, §1]


Revision Note


  "May 9, 1984" substituted for "the effective date of this subsection".


Case Notes


  Defense applicable against husband in an action for protection of community property is similarly applicable against the wife.  44 H. 297, 353 P.2d 820 (1960).