508D-7 Seller's agent's duties and responsibilities for disclosure. (a) Any person or entity acting in the capacity of an escrow agent for the sale of residential real property subject to this chapter, shall not be deemed the agent of the seller or buyer for purposes of the disclosure requirements of this chapter unless the seller or buyer and the escrow agent agree in writing to the establishment of the agency for such purpose.

(b) When a seller's agent cannot obtain the disclosure statement and does not have written assurances from the buyer that the disclosure statement was received, the seller's agent shall notify the buyer in writing of the buyer's rights to the disclosure statement and rights of rescission provided by this chapter. However, the seller's agent shall not be required to prepare the disclosure statement. The seller's agent responsible for delivering the disclosure statement, or the aforesaid written notification of the buyer's rights if applicable, shall maintain a record of the action taken by that agent to effect compliance.

(c) If the seller's agent is or becomes aware of any material facts inconsistent with or contradictory to the disclosure statement or the inspection report of a third party provided by the seller, the seller's agent shall disclose these facts to the seller, the buyer, and the buyer's agent. Nothing in this chapter precludes all other obligations of the seller's or the buyer's agent under Hawaii law. [L 1994, c 214, pt of 2; am L 1996, c 161, 7; am L 2001, c 224, 4]



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