§508D-6  Later discovered inaccurate information.  Prior to closing the real estate purchase contract, a buyer who receives a disclosure statement that fails to disclose a material fact or contains an inaccurate assertion that directly, substantially, and adversely affects the value of the residential real property, and who was not aware of the foregoing failure or inaccuracy, may elect in writing to rescind the real estate purchase contract within fifteen calendar days of the earlier to occur of:

     (1)  The discovery of the failure or inaccuracy; or

     (2)  The receipt of an amended disclosure statement correcting the failure or inaccuracy, in the manner provided by section 508D-5(b) or (c).

The buyer's right to rescind the real estate purchase contract under this section shall not apply if the sale of the residential real property has been recorded; provided that the buyer may pursue all additional remedies provided by law. [L 1994, c 214, pt of §2; am L 1996, c 161, §6; am L 2001, c 224, §3]