508D-3.5 Disclosure of documents; required documentation. (a) If the residential real property being offered for sale is subject to a recorded declaration, the seller shall provide the following documents and any amendments or supplements thereto, to the extent applicable:

(1) Articles of incorporation or other document, if any, creating the corporation or association whereby the corporation or association has the power to enforce the declaration;

(2) Bylaws of the corporation or association;

(3) Declaration or similar organizational documents, and any exhibits thereto; and

(4) Any rules relating to the use of common areas, architectural control, maintenance of units, or payment of money as a regular assessment or otherwise in connection with the provisions, maintenance, or service for the benefit of the residential real property or other real property or common areas.

(b) If the residential real property is otherwise subject to restrictions or conditions on use, either because of covenants contained in the deed for the property or because of another recorded document, the disclosure shall also include all documentation relating to any restrictions or conditions, including but not limited to any unrecorded rules or guidelines that may have been issued by any entity responsible for enforcing those restrictions or guidelines in a manner consistent with and subject to the seller's duty of good faith as provided for under section 508D-9.

(c) Notwithstanding any other provision in this chapter to the contrary, the seller shall not be required to provide the documentation required under subsection (a) until ten calendar days after the seller and buyer have received a current title report for the property offered for sale. Upon receipt of the required documentation, the buyer shall have fifteen calendar days to examine the documents and decide whether to rescind the real estate purchase contract. If the buyer decides to rescind the real estate purchase contract, the buyer shall deliver to the seller within the fifteen-day period written notification of the buyer's decision to rescind the real estate purchase contract. Failure to deliver the written notification to the seller within the fifteen-day period shall be deemed an acceptance of the property offered for sale with the conditions, covenants, or restrictions on use set forth in the documents.

The right of rescission set forth in this subsection shall be in addition to the rights of rescission set forth in sections 508D-5, 508D-6, and 508D-13.

The seller and the buyer may agree in writing to reduce or extend the time periods and deadlines set forth in this subsection.

(d) If the required documents under this section are available electronically on the Internet, the seller, in lieu of providing hard copies of the documents and with the buyer's consent, may provide a written statement to the buyer that directs the buyer to the internet address or addresses where the documents are located.

(e) Compliance with this section shall fulfill the seller's duty of disclosure of material facts relating to a recorded declaration or other recorded restrictions or conditions on use of the property being offered for sale. [L 2013, c 186, 2; am L 2015, c 135, 2]



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