[§507-73]  Occupant in default; motor vehicle or boat removal.  If an occupant is in default for sixty or more days and the personal property stored in the leased space is a motor vehicle or boat, the motor vehicle or boat shall be deemed to be left unattended on private property without authorization of the owner of the property and may be towed away, at the expense of the owner of the motor vehicle or boat; provided that for purposes of this section, a vehicle may be towed pursuant to section 290-11; provided further that a towing company engaged pursuant to this section shall be a towing company registered in Hawaii.  At least fifteen days prior to having the motor vehicle or boat towed, the owner shall provide notice to the occupant, stating the name, address, and contact information of the towing company, by certified mail at the occupant's last known postal address and by electronic mail at the occupant's last known electronic mail address.

     For purposes of applying section 290-11 to this section, the term "vehicle" shall be deemed to correspond to the terms "motor vehicle" and "boat". [L 2017, c 180, §2]