§507-64  Notice of lien.  If a notice has been sent, as required by section 507-63, and the total sum due has not been paid as specified in the notice, the owner may deny an occupant access to the space, enter the space, and remove any property found in the space to a place of safekeeping; provided that the owner shall send a notice of lien to the occupant's last known electronic mail address and last known postal address, postage prepaid, which shall state:

     (1)  That the occupant's right to use the storage space has terminated and that the occupant no longer has access to the stored property;

     (2)  That the stored property is subject to a lien, and the amount of the lien; and

     (3)  That the owner will seize and take possession of the property to satisfy the lien after a specified date which is not less than fifteen days from the date of mailing the notice unless the amount of the lien is paid. [L 1984, c 239, pt of §1; am L 2017, c 180, §6]