§507-45  Discharge of lien.  Any mechanics' and materialmen's lien may be discharged at any time by the owner, lessee, principal contractor or intermediate subcontractor filing with the clerk of the circuit court of the county in which the property is located or with the assistant registrar of the land court (if registered land is affected except when the lien attaches solely to the interest of the lessees in one or more leasehold time share interests as described in section 501-20), cash or a bond for twice the amount of the sum for which the claim for the lien is filed, conditioned for the payment of any sum for which the claimant may obtain judgment upon the claimant's claim. [L 1961, c 179, §1; Supp, §193-43.1; HRS §507-45; am L 1971, c 55, §1; gen ch 1985; am L 1998, c 219, §11]


Case Notes


  Applied.  51 H. 242, 456 P.2d 222 (1969).

  Cash put up under section may be transferred to pending assumpsit action; may be substituted for garnished funds, when.  51 H. 242, 456 P.2d 222 (1969).