507-44 Record in circuit courts. The clerks at the circuit courts shall keep in their respective offices a book called "Notice of completion record" in which shall be entered a memorandum of each notice of completion filed and the date of filing, arranged alphabetically in the names of the owners. There shall also be kept a "mechanics' lien record" in which a memorandum of each Application and Notice filed shall be entered, arranged alphabetically in the names of the claimants and showing the amount of the lien or claim, the date of filing the Application and Notice, the date of the entry of the Order Directing Lien To Attach, the date of withdrawal, discharge or cancellation of the Application and Notice or of a lien which has been directed to attach, and any other matters deemed necessary. [L 1888, c 21, 3; RL 1925, 2893; RL 1935, 4367; RL 1945, 8771; am L 1949, c 241, 4; RL 1955, 193-43; HRS 507-44; am L 1975, c 181, 6]


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Cited: 23 H. 744, 745 (1917).



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