507-22 Disputes as to application of proceeds of sale upon execution; jurisdiction of district courts; appeal. Where a dispute arises as to the application of the proceeds upon the sale under execution of property held by a lienor, the court shall order that the proceeds be paid into court. It shall thereupon determine to or among whom the proceeds shall be paid or divided. Nothing in section 604-5, limiting the jurisdiction of district courts, shall be construed as affecting the adjudication; but an appeal may be taken therefrom as in other civil cases. [L 1921, c 131, 5; RL 1925, 2908; RL 1935, 4375; RL 1945, 8779; RL 1955, 193-25; HRS 507-22; am L 1972, c 106, 1(f)]


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Deposit in court, see chapter 655.



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