§507-21  [Complaint] in action to enforce lien; allegations.  Where an action is filed under sections 507-18 to 507-22, the plaintiff shall set forth in the plaintiff's complaint that the plaintiff claims a lien upon certain personal property, which the plaintiff shall describe with reasonable particularity.  The plaintiff shall also set forth in the complaint the names of all persons known to the plaintiff to have or claim an interest in the property. [L 1921, c 131, §4; RL 1925, §2907; RL 1935, §4374; RL 1945, §8778; RL 1955, §193-24; HRS §507-21; am L 1972, c 106, §1(e); gen ch 1985]


Rules of Court


  Pleadings, see HRCP rules 7, 8, 19(c).