§507-15  Application of proceeds of sale.  Out of the proceeds of sale pursuant to section 507-14, the holder of the lien may retain the amount of the lien, plus twenty-five per cent thereof to cover expenses incurred in connection with the storage, handling, and sale of the article or lot of articles sold.  Any balance remaining of the sale price of each article or lot of articles sold which is not claimed by the owner thereof within thirty days from the date of sale shall be deposited with the director of finance of the State for payment to the owner and shall be disposed of as provided in chapter 523A. [L 1945, c 188, §3; RL 1955, §193-18; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §14; am L 1963, c 114, §1; HRS §507-15; am L 1974, c 75, §9; am L 1985, c 68, §20]