Part I.  Liens, Generally


        Animals, Care of


    507-1 Animals, lien for care of

    507-2 Enforcement by sale of animals

    507-3 Excess returned to owner


        Dentists, Doctors, Hospitals

    507-4 Liens for services in personal injury cases



    507-5 Foreclosure by bailee when not otherwise provided



    507-6 to 12 Repealed


        Laundries, Cleaners

   507-13 Lien for laundering, cleaning, dyeing, pressing

   507-14 Enforcement; notice; auction

   507-15 Application of proceeds of sale

   507-16 Redemption prior to sale


        Material and Labor Used on Public Works

   507-17 Repealed


        Personal Property

   507-18 Lien on personalty for work done and materials


   507-19 Enforcement of lien

   507-20 Defense to lien by claimants

   507-21 Complaint in action to enforce lien; allegations

   507-22 Disputes as to application of proceeds of sale upon

          execution; jurisdiction of district courts; appeal

   507-23 Sale of personal property by lien holder


       Part II.  Mechanic's and Materialman's Lien

   507-41 Definitions

   507-42 When allowed; lessees, etc.

   507-43 Filing notice, contents

   507-44 Record in circuit courts

   507-45 Discharge of lien

   507-46 Priority, record of; satisfaction

   507-47 Demand; enforcement; foreclosure; other attachment

   507-48 Owner may retain amount due

   507-49 Exceptions


       Part III.  Self-Service Storage Facilities

   507-61 Definitions

   507-62 Owner's lien

   507-63 Rent due; notice of default and lien

   507-64 Notice of lien

   507-65 Final demand and notice of sale

   507-66 Method of sale

   507-67 Security interests, rights

   507-68 Payment before sale

   507-69 Good faith purchaser

   507-70 Self-storage contracts

   507-71 Other rights

   507-72 Applicability

   507-73 Occupant in default; motor vehicle or boat removal


       Part IV.  Attorneys

   507-81 Attorney's lien upon actions and judgments

   507-82 Liens on attorneys; certified shorthand reporter