[§506-9]  Mortgage insurance; notice of right to cancel.  (a)  Any person, on behalf of a casualty insurance company, that provides a mortgagor with mortgage life insurance without charge for a period less than the term of the mortgage, which insurance is not a condition of obtaining the mortgage, shall send each insured mortgagor written notice advising each such mortgagor of the right to cancel the insurance, of the requirements for effecting such cancellation, and that premiums will be charged for the insurance unless it is canceled.  The notice shall be sent to each insured mortgagor at least four weeks prior to the expiration of the period during which the insurance is provided without charge.

     (b)  For the purposes of this section, "mortgage life insurance" means an insurance plan which will pay off the mortgage balance in the event of the death or, as the case may be, disability of the insured mortgagor. [L 1989, c 239, §5]