§506-4  Interests in recorded mortgages and leases.  The mortgage shall operate only as a contract between the parties with respect to, and shall not create a lien upon, any recorded mortgage or lease, unless and until a specific reference to the mortgage or lease in the manner contemplated by section 502-33 is contained in an instrument or affidavit executed by the mortgagor or mortgagee and duly recorded in the bureau of conveyances at Honolulu. [L 1939, c 255, §4; RL 1945, §8875; RL 1955, §196-5; HRS §506-4]


Law Journals and Reviews


  Later mortgagee having actual notice of earlier mortgage is not entitled to priority merely because earlier mortgage omitted book and page references required by §502-33.  Haw Supp, IV HBJ, no. 3, at 30 (1966).


Case Notes


  Ambiguity in mortgage should be resolved against drafter, particularly where interests of a party not privy to the mortgage contract are sought to be encumbered.  62 H. 188, 613 P.2d 1315 (1980).