Sections 502-91 to 502-95 designated as Part IX and part heading amended by L 2009, c 102, §2(10).


     §502-91  Old records.  All records of instruments made in the bureau of conveyances, before July 10, 1850, whether in the book required by law or otherwise, are deemed to have been duly recorded.

     All conveyances of real and personal property made and executed before April 27, 1846, and all pledges of property, real and personal, executed before such date, the conditions of which had not been fulfilled before the promulgation of the Act of April 27, 1846, shall, if not recorded in the bureau of conveyances at the instance and expense of the grantee or mortgagee, within ninety days after the promulgation, be void in law as against subsequent grantees and mortgagees of the same property, not having notice of the existence of such previous conveyances or pledges. [L 1846, p 249; CC 1859, §1265; CC 1859, p 374; RL 1925, §3173; RL 1935, §5159; RL 1945, §12760; RL 1955, §343-53; HRS §502-91]