§502-48  Identification of person making.  No acknowledgment of any conveyance or other instrument, except as provided by this chapter, whereby any real estate is conveyed or may be affected, shall be taken, unless the person offering to make the acknowledgment is personally known to the notary public taking the acknowledgment to be the person whose name is subscribed to the conveyance or instrument as a party thereto, or is proved to be such by the oath or affirmation of a credible witness known to the notary public, or by production of a valid identification card or document issued by the United States, this State, any other state, or a national government that contains the bearer's photograph and signature, or by obtaining satisfactory evidence of identity of a remotely located individual under section 456-23. [L 1909, c 69, §6; RL 1925, §3154; RL 1935, §5140; RL 1945, §12740; RL 1955, §343-32; HRS §502-48; am L 1995, c 141, §4; am L 2020, c 54, §21]